Who Served - The Women Series

Today in The Women series we meet six women who served. It is a great privilege to introduce a dear friend who has blessed us with a message for all women. Our prayer is that many will be touched by the truth in the words here. Please continue with us in this series by checking the blog or you may follow by email and receive updates to your inbox!

The Women: ...Who Served

Living the Song

Guest post by, Joanna Martinez

Follow the name of each woman listed. Read her story in the following scriptures:

But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.” --John 4:23
I think if we are honest with ourselves, we would admit that we can come up with the wrong ideas of what something means, or looks like. For example what does the word serve mean to you?

I was convinced I had a pretty good idea what service entailed. I knew what it looked like, what it involved, and I thought that only certain people were “called” to be “in ministry”. Through looking at the lives of these six women, Anna, Dorcas, Eunice, Lois, Lydia, and Priscilla, I hope we will have our hearts enlightened a little more to what it means to serve.

Rahab - The Women Series

Today in The Women series, you are welcome into a story that is bigger than one woman and her past. Our prayer is that many will be touched by going deeper into God's word to study women from scripture. Please continue to join us each week for this series by checking the blog. Follow by email so you can receive updates to your inbox!

The Women: Rahab

Welcome In

Guest post by, Rachael Harry
Read Rahab's story in the following sections of scripture:

For weeks as I prepared my study on Rahab I admit I was a little bit baffled as to how I would relate to her. I mean, there is a lesson on grace and redemption here, which-is-oh-so-good. But what can I get from Rahab that is new and fresh for everyone?

And then God gave me a word that startled me like a welcomed glass of cold water splashed on my thirsty perspective. I pray it does the same for you.

I noticed this word: IN.

That little word “in” was repeated throughout the text. And it wove together an incredible picture of God’s heart for us all.